The quality of our boots is guaranteed by rigorous controls both on the materials and in the processing phases.

All our products are guaranteed * for three months from the date of purchase. (Products purchased in promotions may not be a guarantee) All customers must demonstrate the purchase date by receipt, tax receipt or valid document.

Repair may be requested in the event that malfunctions and / or defects are found beyond the normal wear and tear of the product. Damage caused by improper use is not covered by the warranty. Improper use of the product:

  • repairs or interventions carried out by unauthorized persons.
  • damage caused by abuse or misuse.
  • incorrect or insufficient maintenance.
  • accidents, blows, use with incompatible products and anything that does not constitute a defect in materials or workmanship.
  • Alterations of the leather or sole such as color, shine, thickness, etc., typical of the wear and tear given by the usual use, by the passage of time, or by exposures to adverse atmospheric situations.
  • Surface alterations deriving from impacts, abrasions or chafing are not attributable as a production defect.
All our products must always be checked by a SECCHIARI BOOTS Customer Service representative, or by an authorized dealer. The report must imperatively contain photos of the defect. All reports without photographic material will not be taken into consideration. The original receipt / invoice or proof of purchase is necessary for all returns / exchanges and are subject to the policy applied by the retailer pursuant to article 5 of legislative decree 185/1999, Italian law.
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