Custom Instructions

Please follow the simple instructions on how to self measure for your boots. Download here Custom Boots Form;

Download custom boots form 

FOOT Measurements:

  • Position your foot on a blanc A4 sheet of paper and with a pen draw around the contour of your feet
  • Then draw a line from the tip of your toe to the heel and let us know the lenght of your feet in cm.
  • Draw a line on the ball of your foot and let us know the lenght in cm (like the foot picture above); then repeat on the instep, and heel (like picture above); this is not the circumference of your foot, just draw a line from side to side from the contour of your foot

LEG Measurements:

  • Check your leg height, always measure with NO shoes from heel up to the crease behind your knee, bend leg like in a jumping position and check height in cm.
  • Measure below your knee cap, where your boots will sit when on , put a tape measurement all around your leg, just below the knee cap on the slimmest point
  • Measure your calf on the widest part, move the tape up and down a bit to identify the widest point (be careful and always chech the tape is straight around your legs)
  • Measure your lower calf, this will be between your ankle and your calf
  • Meaaure your ankle on the slimmest point.

Then measure the circonferences around your feet as shown on diagram above points (C-D-E)

*** Measuring tips****

  • Always double check your measurements, if you do it a couple of times then you will be sure they are correct!
  • It is better to have some help by another person, as it can be tricky to do this on your own
  • If you normally wear thick breeches, then measure up with your breeches, if you use thin competition breeches and you'd like boots to be skin tight then we recommend measuring bare legs, please specify to us how you took your measurements

SECCHIARI BOOTS reminds you that it will NOT take responsibility for incorrect measurements taken by the customer, and advises when possible for the tailor-made production to contact one of our representatives or nearest shop. Any subsequent repair and shipping costs are EXCLUDED.

If you need any further help we will be happy to assist you, just send us a mail

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